Squishy Egg-Yolk with Slime Toy Return Gift For Kids – RGFK

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  • Quirky cute toy for fidgety or playfulness and stressbuster recommended for kids elder than 7 years
  • You can squeeze the egg yolk to take out the slime and you press the egg again to absorb the slime back
  • Looks good on study table and office table, instant stress relief and satisfying
  • Can be collected as a joy for one and be provided to patients for therapy purpose.
  • This product should be stored in a cool room temperature. Please avoid keeping this in direct sunlight.
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  • Easy Return
  • Best Quality
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A stressfree and yet playful. Liked by all ages. Squish it. Quirky and yet satisfying and relieving. Keep your child busy or remove your frustration with this cute hand grabbing toy. Convenient to carry around and a good distraction. Fidget to release stress and slime ads creativity to the naughty side of your child or adult. Kids love it when they receive this as a return gift in birthday parties, bulk and single quantity of product available.


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